Books Content:

  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. Bases of Accounting and Accounting Concepts and Conversations
  3. Revenue Recognition and Recognition of Expenses
  4. Inventory Valution
  5. Depreciation
  6. Reserve and Provision
  7. Capital and Revenue Concept
  8. Adjustment Entries and Rectification of Errors
  9. Introduction to Accounting Theory
  10. Introduction to Accounting Standards
  11. Final Accounts of Proprietorship Business Entities
  12. Final Accounts from Incomplete Records (Single Entry System)
  13. Final Accounts of Not-for-profit Organizations
  14. Consignment Account
  15. Accounting for Sale on Approval/ Sale or Return
  16. Sectional and self Balancing Ledger
  17. Insurance Claim
  18. Loss of Stock and Loss Of Profit
  19. 2017 CBCS Examination Honours/ General Paper
Author Debarshi Bhattacharya (Ratul)
No. of Pages 633
Edition 1st
Language English
Publishing Year 2018
Binding Paperbak

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