Lawpoint’s B.Com Solutions is a compilation of questions asked in the previous examinations of B.Com covering last 23 examination questions. Lawpoint’s B.Com Solutions has the following unparallel features:(1)   The Questions of previous years is sequentially divided into several chapters relating to its relevant chapter and topic. (2)   The Questions in each chapter is segregated as –(a) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), (b) Fill in the Blanks (c) True False/Correct/Incorrect, (d) Short Notes (e) Comment  (f) Distinguish Between  (g) Elaborative (h) Practicals (3)   At the beginning of each chapter there is a table of distribution of marks showing the Objectives, Theory and Practical Questions asked in the previous examinations from that chapter. (4)   An Eagle’s Eye view of distribution of marks from each chapter for understanding weightage of each chapter.  (5)   Correct answer of questions of all the topics  (6)   The  answers are given as per the latest laws and provisions as amended upto date.   (7)   Also containing answers to Questions asked in “2015” examinations.(8)   At the end of the book is given the last 3 examinations Relevant Question paper for reference. (9)   Send filled up Feedback Form, and get the Solution of next examination paper for free.


Author Goutam K Samanta & Roshan Lodha
No. of Pages 526
Edition 1st
Language English
Publishing Year 2017
Binding Paperback

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