Module I: Principles and Practice of Management consists of special topics fewer than eight units so that the students can snatch the topics fully to their feelings comfortable. Unit-I consist of overview of principles of management in terms of importance, functions and levels of management, Unit-II consists of various schools of management thought, Unit-III relates to planning, Unit-IV relates to organization, Unit-V consists of motivation and contribution of different management experts, Unit-VI relates to leadership and its model, Unit-VII relates to co-ordination in terms of principles and techniques and Unit-VIII consists of control in terms of steps and tools.

Module II: Business Communication consists of special topics fewer than four units so that the students can grab the topics fully to their feelings at ease. Unit-I consists of overview of communication and business communication in terms of importance, objectives, elements, principles, and barriers etc., Unit-II consists of types of communication in terms of formal, informal communication and corporate communication, Unit-III consists of tools of communication in terms of modern forms of communication (Fax, E-Mail, Internet, Video conferencing etc.) and Unit-IV has been divided into drafting and business letters.

The distinctive features of the book are as follows:
• Logical and sequential arrangement of topics strictly according to the latest syllabus of the University of Calcutta.
• Adequate number of diagrams and tables has been given to make various topics self-explanatory.
• Objective type, short-essay type and application-oriented questions have been included at the end of each unit for self-examination.
• Brief and to-the-point presentation.
• Lucid and simple language.
Author Dr. Subrata Kar, Dr. Amalendu Bhunia & Suvankar Chakrabarty
No. of Pages 382
Edition 1st
Language English
Publishing Year 2016
Binding Paperback

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