1. Basic Knowledge About Income Tax
  2. Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  3. Income Exempt From Tax
  4. Complete Tax Holiday for New Sez Units 40-42
  5. Salary
  6. Income From House Property
  7. Profits & Gains of Business or Profession
  8. Capital Gains
  9. Income from Other Sources
  10. Clubbing of Income
  11. Set off and Carry forward of Losses
  12. Permissible Deductions from Gross Total Income
  13. Agricultural Income-Taxation and Taxrelief
  14. Computation of Taxable Income and Tax Liability
  15. Filing of Return
  16. E-Payment of Tax and E-Filing of Return
  17. Payment of Advence Tax
  18. Tax Deduction at Source and T.D.S Returns
  19. Taxation of Non-Resident Persons: Individuals
  20. Taxation of Foreign Nationals
  21. Taxation of HUFs
  22. Taxation of Association of Persons and Body Individuals
  23. Taxation of Partnership Firms
  24. Taxation of Companies
  25. Taxation of Senior Citizens and very Senior Citizens
  26. Taxation of Retiring Persons with Tax Planning
  27. Estimated Income Scheme for small Business Assessees (Other Than Truck Owners)
  28. Estimated Income Scheme for small Professionals
  29. Estimated Income Scheme for Truck Owners
  30. Taxation of Charitable Trusts, Societies and NGOs
  31. Assessment
  32. General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR)
  33. Penalties and Prosecution
  34. Restrictions on Cash Transactions
  35. Survey, Search and Seizure
  36. Income Tax Inquiry and Summons
  37. Appeal, Revision and Grievances
  38. Advanced Ruling
  39. How to Save Income-Tax
  40. Tax Savings and Other Schemes
  41. Gift Tax
  42. Tax on Foreign Black Money
  43. Tax on Certain Online Transactions 


Author Nabhi
No. of Pages 601
Edition 47th
Language English
Publishing Year 2018
Binding Paperback

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