Company Law Ready Reckoner

Company Law Ready Reckoner

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This Book is a comprehensive, practical and useful guide on Company Law, based on the Companies Act, 2013. A significant feature of this Book is its thrust on Company Law in practical mode with detailed procedures and latest judicial pronouncements. The Book also contains numerous specimens of resolutions, notices, forms, reports, letters to various authorities, minutes, explanatory statement and format of various documents to be submitted to stock exchanges and other authorities. The book discusses the entire gamut of Company Law under the following heads:

  •  Illegal Association
  •  Formation of a company
  •  Selection and Reservation of Name for the Company
  • Memorandum of Association & Alteration Thereof
  • Articles of Association & Alteration Thereof
  • Incorporation of One Person Company
  • Incorporation of Companies with Charitable Objects
  • Declaration for Commencement of Business
  • Change in the Name, Situation, Objects and Capital of the Company
  • Change in the Situation of the Registered Office
  •  Alteration in the object Clause of Memorandum
  • Alteration in the Share Capital Clause
  • Prospectus
  • Listing of Securities on Stock Exchanges in India
  • Offer or Invitation of Securities on Private Placement basis
  • Types of Share Capital
  • Share Certificates
  • Voting Rights
  • Calls, Forfeiture and Re-issuance of Shares
  • Issuance of Share at Premium and Discount & Sweat Equity shares
  • Transfer and Transmission of Securities
  • Further Issue of Securities
  • Employees Stock Option (ESOS) & Share Based Employee Benefits Regulations, 2014
  • Issuance of Bonus Shares
  • Buyback and Purchase of Own Shares
  • Debentures
  • Nomination by Securities holders
  • Invitation and Acceptance of Deposits by Companies
  • Registration and Modification of Charge
  • Closure of Register of Members and Debenture holders
  • Annual Return
  • General Meetings
  • Notice of General Meetings
  • Quorum, Chairman & Proxy
  • Voting
  • Resolutions & Resolutions passed by Postal Ballot process
  • General Meeting Resolutions
  •  Minutes
  •  Declaration of Dividend
  • Interim Dividend
  • Final Dividend
  • Maintenance of Books of Accounts
  • Depreciation
  • Boards' Report 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Internal Audit
  • Appointment and Change of the Auditors
  • Cost Audit
  • Auditor's Report
  • Branch Audit
  • Directors and Constitution of the Board
  • Independent & Women Directors
  • Appointment and Change in the Directors
  • Director Identification Number
  • Appointment of Other than Retiring Director, Additional Director, Alternate Director, Nominee Director, etc.
  • Disqualification, Qualifications and Duties of Directors
  • Deemed Vacation of Office of Director, Removal of Director and Resignation by Director
  • Board Meetings
  • Committee and Class Meetings
  • Powers of the Board
  • Restrictions on the powers of the Board
  •  Disclosure of Interest, Related Party Transactions, Office or Place of Profit and Registers thereof
  •  Loan to Directors, Loan and Investment by a Company
  • Contracts of Employments with Managing/Whole-time Directors, Loss of Office of Directors and Restriction on Non Cash Transactions
  • Appointment of Managing Director, Whole-time Director or Manager
  • Managerial Remuneration
  • Powers of the Central Government Relating to the Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnels
  • Appointment of Key Managerial Personnel, Secretarial Audit and Functions of Company Secretary 
  • Inspection of Books and Conduct Enquiry
  • Merger and Amalgamation
  • Takeover of Companies
  • Oppression and Mis-management
  • Class Action Suits
  • Registered Valuer
  • Removal of Name of Companies from the Register of Companies
  • Insolvency Resolution and Liquidation for Corporate Persons
  •  Winding up by the Tribunal
  •  Members and Creditors Voluntary Winding up
  •  Provisions applicable to every type of Winding up
  • Companies Authorised to Register under the Companies Act, 2013
  • Winding up of Unregistered Companies
  • Companies Incorporated Outside India
  • Establishing Offices in India by a Foreign Company
  • Governent Companies
  • Registration, Offices and Fees
  • Powers of the Central Government to Call Information
  • Powers of the Central Government for Nidhi Companies
  • Constitution of National Company Law Tribunal
  • Applications and Petitions before the National Company Law Tribunal

Author Dr. D.K.Jain
No. of Pages 1895
Edition 20th
Language English
Publishing Year 2018
Binding Paperbook

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