Companies Act with Rules & Forms Volums in 2

Volume 1

Companies Act

Section-wise Analysis of Companies (Amdt.) Act 2017

Volume 2

Company Rules & Forms


Annotated Text of Companies Act 2013 [ As amended by Companies (Amendment) Act 2017] & Rules framed thereunder

Rules Framed under Companies Act 2013

Forms prescribed under Companies Act 2013

Circulars & Notifications issued under Companies Act 2013

New SS-1 and SS-3

Annotation under each section shows

Relevant rules framed under the relevant section

Reference to relevant forms prescribed

Exemption available to private companies/Government companies/Nidhis/Charitable Companies/Unlisted Public Company/Private Company operatingfrom IFSCs Located in SEZ

Gist of relevant circulars and notifications

Date of enforcement of provision

Corresponding provision under the 1956 Act

Words & Phrases judicially noticed

Allied Laws referred to in the provision

Relevant provisions of SEBI Rules/Listing obligartions/Table F of Schedule I

New SS-1 & SS-3

Author Taxmann
No. of Pages 2184
Language English
Publishing Year 2018
Unit of Measure Volume In 2
Binding Paperback

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