This compilation of questions of last 27 years of CA Final Exams is to let you understand the pattern of questions asked f1’om various parts of the syllabus. So, you can solve questions of last 54 attempts. This Question Book will help you in practicing the past exams questions This Question Book is updated according to the present law of Income Tax as amended By Finance Act, 2017. Questions have been modified according to the present law, to help you understand in the current context this question book can be best used along with our Summary Module. When you are preparing for the exams and during the last moment, i.e., when you are at the revision stage, you can refer the question book to understand the types of questions asked and their frequency earlier, we used to analyses the weight age of the chapter based on the number of questions asked from the respective chapters. But now the scope of our own analysis is trimmed Down to certain extent, since the ICAI itself shared the weight age of the sections. The demarcation of the sections is made clear along with their weight age and this will be the Broader insight about the various topics

Author CA. Vinod Gupta
No. of Pages 628
Edition 32th
Language English
Publishing Year 2018-19
Binding Paperback

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