Publish with Us

Publish With Us

LAWPOINT PUBLICATIONS is an emerging company in the publishing industry with huge growth potential. With books on various diversified subjects, Lawpoint Publications provides an author a number of competitive advantages like editorial resources, Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Global Access.

Our Authors are knowledge banks for us and it is their efforts which bring us success for all these years and we invite you to be a part of our family.

When you partner us in publishing a book as an author we put in all our expertise for bringing your imagination into reality in form of a book. A book can be made through various ways being e-book, physical book and also books as print to order. We provide solutions to all the requirements an author can have being publication of the book and its sales and distribution.

The general process of publishing can be -

(a) Contacting Our Editorial Team

(b) Submitting a Proposal with Manuscript

(c) After Approval of Manuscript Entering into Agreement

(d) Lay outing, type setting and proofing of the book’s material

(e) Printing and Publication of the book


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